Cristina’s aesthetic comes from a passion for beauty and cinema.

Her first inspirations came from old Hollywood portraits of celebrities and movie stars. How did they all look so amazing and otherworldly, decades before Photoshop and Digital Cameras?!

This is how Cristina found her curiousity and fuel to create stunning portraits.

Cristina, has an eye that can make a woman beautiful and glamorous.  And most of all she wants to give every woman out there that cinematic beauty. Because every woman dreams of being in their favorite magazine. To be the ideal beauty if only just once in their life. To remember themselves as the person they see in the mirror, captured in a portrait. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and your photos should do just that. Your images should speak to whomever looks at them. Admiring what they are looking at, wondering what else the story holds.

Her story isn’t convincing you that you are beautiful enough to take these pictures. Its about what story you want to tell and the mood you want to create. Because you already know you’re beautiful, the hard part is getting people to see your story. To get people to look through your eyes and see what you see. Not just a pretty picture. But a magical moment.  Captured in time.



Cristina Zulueta