How much are your packages?

To view services and prices, 

Please click ' Book Online ' from the menu and create a Login to enter.

You will then see all options.

A La Carte as well as Packages are all on the ' Book Online ' page.

You will be able to view all options without having to book an appointment.

What do packages include?

It is highly recommended to book packages instead of A La Carte.

Booking a package will save you $349 vs. A La Carte!

All packages include:

1 hr Photo Experience

Photo Slideshow Video (via YouTube link)

Private Webpage of Photos

Along with your selected amount of Photos.

A la Carte purchases are all separate and pricing differs for each item.

When should I book my appointment?

Please book your appointment at least 2 months ahead of when you need your photos in hand.

The timeline of your photos is as follows:

Photo Editing - 2 weeks

Photo viewing appointment - up to 1 week

Photo Selection - 24 hrs to confirm selections

Photo processing time - up to 4-5 weeks to receive photos from lab

Package shipping and handling - allow 2 weeks (processing time, weather and holidays) 

For example, to receive photos in time for Valentine's day (February 14), Your photo shoot should be scheduled within the months of November, December and the latest January to allow time to receive your products in time.  

Do you have installment plans?

There are 2 ways to purchase in installments.

1. A La Carte allows you to pay for your photo session and your photos separately.

Your first payment is during booking your appointment.

The second payment is due when you are ready to purchase your photos.

2. Booking a package allows you to pay the deposit during booking.

The second payment is due when you are ready to purchase your photos.

What happens after the photo shoot?

After the photo shoot, expect up to 2-3 weeks to be able to view your photos.

Editing is an art that Cristina has taken years to learn and develop.

Once a professional graphic designer, Cristina uses the same techniques that make celebrities beautiful, on your photos.

Bright eyes, smooth skin, no blemishes.

This highly intensive, time consuming process is part of what you are paying for.

You then receive a video slideshow of your final photos.

The photos have been edited to display your best looks.



What happens after I view my slideshow?

While viewing your slideshow, make a note on your favorite prints.

Each slide will have a number assigned to it for easy reference.

Then schedule your 1 hour viewing online.

What happens during our viewing? Do I need to come and get my photos?

All viewings are remote and online.

You do not need to go anywhere else to receive your photos.

During our viewing and consultation, you will receive access to your private web page to view your photos large and in high resolution.

At this time, you can view your favorite photos, in detail.

Please make sure you are on a desktop with a monitor to be able to view your images properly.

You then choose your final selections and make your final payments.

Cristina will personally walk you through the entire process.

How do I receive my products?

You will receive your products delivered to your desired address.

Can I cancel my appointment?

All appointments have a 14-day cancellation policy.

Any changes to date and time up to 14 days prior to your appointment date requires a $99 reschedule fee.  This fee goes towards any future purchase.

Any cancellations up to 14 days prior to your appointment date are non-refundable.

If you cannot make your appointment for any reason it is best to opt to reschedule and gift your session to someone else.  That way your paid session still gets good use.

Sessions are transferable and giftable.




Cristina Zulueta