Why book with Cristina Z?

High Quality
Magazine Ready
Be the 'celebrity' you are.
Get the royal treatment and look amazing!
Transform yourself.
Let's achieve a different level in your photos.
Hollywood lighting.
Celebrity retouching.
Captivate your audience.
Set design, lighting, wardrobe.
Packages includes the following:
Unlimited Photos
We will review your photos and you choose
which ones you want.
Personal Photo Website
All your photos will live on your website.
You can download them and print them
as many times as you like.
So easy to share on social media.
Glamour Beauty Digital Editing
All the photos you choose will be retouched.
Adding the glamour beauty factor seen in magazines.
Personal Video Slideshow
In addition to your photo website,
a video slideshow will be made
for you to enjoy!
Free Shipping
Prints are printed at a print house
and sent directly to you.